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When you want to let the sunshine into your home or vacation property in the Wasaga Beach, Ontario area, you will love the options that we have here at Beach Houze Paint & Design Studio Inc.! Our window coverings allow you to let the sunshine in when you want and allow for privacy when you need it. We have a wide variety of options in top brands when it comes to your window coverings, including Hunter Douglas and ShadeOMatic. If you are struggling to find stylish and functional window coverings in the Wasaga Beach area, here are a few of the options we offer at Beach Houze Paint & Design Studio Inc.:

  • Blinds- The benefits of window blinds are innumerable. These window coverings block the sun from entering your home on a hot summer day, giving your air conditioner a break, protecting your furniture and carpet from UV damage, and preventing the sun from glaring in your eyes or on the television screen. Blinds also add to your home’s value and aesthetic appearance, increase your privacy, and hold heat inside the home during the winter, reducing your electricity bills. With so many different variations and styles available, you will love choosing the blinds for your property.
  • Shutters- Shutters are the most popular type of window covering. They make it easy to control the amount of light that enters a room, and they come in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colours. They can fit into any home’s décor, from classic to contemporary to sophisticated elegance. Shutters are also very easy to clean and require very little maintenance. Unlike blinds, they won’t flap against the window and make noise when a breeze comes through, and they are a much sturdier window covering option.

If you are struggling to choose the right design for your window coverings, we are happy to help! Our in-house window-covering expert, Tasha Lynn, has loads of experience in both fitting and designing homes for window coverings that will be ideal for their décor. She has nearly a decade of experience choosing, measuring and designing window covering options, and you will love her input for your home. If you feel more comfortable looking at colours and samples in the light of your own home, she can do an in-home consultation to help you look at the options that will be best.

Window coverings are an important addition to any home. Whether you are looking for privacy, safety, design or all three in the perfect combination, we can help you. At Beach Houze Paint & Design Studio Inc., we offer sales and installation of blinds, shutters, and other window coverings with many options for you. Visit us in Wasaga Beach, Ontario today to see our wide selection of window coverings that would be perfect in your bedroom, living spaces or any other room in your home. For all your window covering needs, contact us at Beach Houze Paint & Design Studio Inc.!

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