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Bring light, style and visual interest to a space with well-selected floor lamps.

When you are considering a design or an improvement of your space, you might be thinking of a new coat of paint or maybe some new furniture. Here at Beach Houze Paint & Design Studio Inc., we know your finished space isn’t comprised of only one or two elements of design but is the combination of all the elements in your room! We want to help ensure all the elements in your room are working together, rather than competing for the attention of your eye. If you are looking to add some interest, light and style to an otherwise uninspiring place, you might want to consider floor lamps!

Floor Lamps in Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Floor lamps come with many stylistic advantages you can’t easily get from other design elements. Not only are they a simple addition to any room (just place and plug in!), but there are so many different designs and colors that you will have a hard time choosing from so many great styles! Many people worry that they can’t use floor lamps in a space because of a short ceiling, when in reality, many short ceilings actually look taller with floor lamps drawing the eye upwards. This makes them a purposeful and enjoyable design element.

Here at Beach Houze Paint & Design Studio Inc., we would love to show you how the addition or replacement of floor lamps in your space can add some visual interest, help to combine your stylistic elements, and even allow for some much-needed light in an otherwise dark corner. To learn more about floor lamps and how they can be used in your own décor for your Wasaga Beach, Ontario area property, please contact us today!