Three Tips for Picking House Paint Colours

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Picking house paint colours can be daunting. Especially with how homes are being built to be a more open floor plan, it can be even more intimidating to choose your interior house paint colours. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming!  We are here to help make your job of picking house paint colours a little simpler. Our three tips for picking beautiful house paint colours are:

•  The Feeling – Each room in your home will likely have a feeling that you are hoping for. A home library may have a cozy and comfortable feel, while the kitchen might have a bright and cheery feel. First deciding on what you want a room’s feel to be will help you to choose the paint colour. For example, you may want to paint your calming library in blues or greens and your bright and cheery kitchen yellow or white.

Three Tips for Picking House Paint Colours

•  Zones – The ground floor, especially in an open floor plan, can be divided into zones by using different colours. For example, the dining and living areas could be a zone while the kitchen is another. You can tie these different colours together by having all of your different colours have a gray tone to them. Reserve your bright pops of colour for throw pillows and wall décor.

•  Accent Walls – You don’t have to paint an entire room one colour. You can choose a feature wall to add a fun colour to. It’s recommended to leave the other walls white or 3 shades lighter of the colour on the accent wall.